VAULT – Refer to the JO vault values chart found in this OHSAA publication – VAULT TABLE REQUIRED FOR ALL INTERSCHOLASTIC COMPETITION

1. The OHSAA has adopted the USAG Level 9 Vault Table with OHSAA modifications. Go to ohsaa.org for the updated vault table.
2. Judges shall use the start value of the vault performed; however, it is still necessary to announce or flash the intended vault number.
3. Round-off entry vaults must be done with a safety collar. This requirement applies for both training and competition. The vault is void if performed without a safety collar. The safety collar must be placed in the proper direction for round off entry vaults.
4. The OHSAA requires the padding of the upright of the vault table and of covering any weights placed on the vault base for stability.
5. Manufactured hand placement mats, Velcro side down, shall be required for both warm-ups and competition. Note: No sting mat on the vault board is permitted.
6. For twisting vaults the turn may be performed in either direction.
7. For all vaults, the coach is permitted to stand in between the board and the table with no deduction.
8. For all salto vaults: If the coach spots the gymnast during the post flight, a 1.00 deduction is applied rather than voiding the vault. The current 0.50 deduction for spotting assistance upon the landing is still in effect.
9. For all vaults: The athlete may choose to attempt one or two vaults.
10. Add an up to 0.20 deduction for bent legs in support on vaults with the saltos.