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VAULT - Refer to the JO vault values chart below

USAG Level 9 Vaults. Please check the OHSAA vault chart for the high school vault values.

*New Vault Runway - The Vault runways must be 1 ½” thick. Midwest Gymnastics (Indiana) will provide them at a cost of $650 to the schools (normal price $840) call Nick Kemp 800-876-3194

Judges shall use the start value of the vault performed; however, it is still necessary to announce or flash the intended vault number.

Round-off entry vaults must be done with a safety collar. This requirement applies for both training and competition. The vault is void if performed without a safety collar. The collar must be placed in the proper direction for round off entry vaults.

The OHSAA requires the padding of the uprights of the vault table, both front & back, and the covering of any weights placed on the vault ase for stability.

If a gymnast attempts a 1/4 on - 3/4 off(or 1/2 on-1/2 off) front salto vault but performs a 1/4 on - 1/4 off (twisting in opposite directions), it will be considered the same as a handspring front salto vault and appropriate deductions will be taken.

Manufactured hand placement mats, Velcro Side Down, shall be required for both warm-ups and competition.
Note: No sting mat on the vault board is permitted.

Recommendation to allow athletic tape, Velcro strips or small chalk marks to be placed along the width of the vault runway. The marksing should be removed no later than at the end of rotation.

For Twisting Vaults #1. 1.105, 1.205, 1.305, 1.206, the turn may be performed in either direction.

For all vaults, the coach is permitted to stand in between the board and the table with no deduction.

Vault Values - All Vaults in USAG Level 9 Vault Table

Level 9 Vault Table

Vault Matting: min. 6'x12'x4-4¾" (recommend 8'x18'). Additional mat may be placed on runway, provided it is manufactured and does not exceed 2".


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