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Floor Exercise

Floor Matting: 2 additional mats (skill cushions up to 8") can be placed separately. A sting mat may be placed on top of 8" cushion. Boundary lines must be marked. Does not have to be removed.

Floor Mats: Spring/Reflex floors may be used at OHSAA Tournaments. They may be used in regular season competition by mutual agreement of participating schools.

Value Part Requirements: 4 "A's" @ 0.10 each, 4 "B's" @0.30 each, 0 "C"

Basic Start Value - 9.7 points

Additive Value for Connection Value or allowable Difficulty Value = maximum 0.30 point.

Value Parts of "A", "B", "C" and "D" gymnastic or acrobatic strength elements are allowed. "E" GYMNASTICS ELEMENTS ARE ALLOWED FOR "0" VALUE PART CREDIT.

The following "D" acrobatic skills with flight will be allowed:

1) 8.401 Salto Backward with 2 1/2 twists; 6.401 - salto forward with 1 ½ twist; 8.403 - double salto backward tucked and piked.

2) NO "E" acrobatic value parts are allowed.

Maximum start value = 10.0 points

Special Requirements (4 at 0.20 each) Refer to JO Code of Points - Level 8

1) An acro series with 2 saltos or 2 directly connected saltos (the saltos may be the same or different)

2) Three different saltos within the exercise

3) Dance passage with two different elements from Group 1 (directly or indirectly connected) - one a leap with 180 degrees cross or side split. (Can turn in between dance if moving)

4) Minimum of "A" salto performed as last isolated salto or in the last salto connection

Lack of minimum of "B" salto - .30

Short exercise - See JO Code - Exercise is less than 30 seconds, deduct 2.0 from the average score by the chief judge.

All composition deductions will be applied during the competition season.

Timing - The maximum time limit for floor is 1:30 The overtime deduction is 0.1 from the average score. If the time is within a fraction of a second over the time allotment, do not take the time deduction.

All composition deductions will be applied during the competition season.


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