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Balance Beam Handstand

Beam Matting: under=min 6'x12'x4-4¾" (filler should be as equal as possible). Dsmt= min 6'x12'x4-4¾" (non dsmt end = min of 6'x3'x4-4¾")

Value Part Requirements: 4"A's" @.10 each, 4 "B's" @ 0.30 each, 0 "C" - Refer to the JO code of Points for specific JO value part exception

Basic Start Value - 9.7 points

Additive Value for Connection Value or allowable Difficulty Value maximum 0.30 point. Value Parts of "A", "B", "C" and "D" gymnastics or acrobatic elements are allowed. "E" gymnastics elements are allowed for "0" value part credit. "D" mounts are allowed.

Maximum start value = 10.0 points

Special Requirements (4 at 0.20 each) - Refer to JO Code of Points Level 8

1) Acro series of 2 or more elements only one of which must have flight

  • NO Attempt to connect the two acro elements will receive an additional 0.3 deduction

2) One leap or jump requiring a 180° split

3) Minimum of 1/1 (360°) turn or more on one foot

4) Minimum of "A" dismount - aerial or salto is required; no dismount = 0.3 deduction taken from the start value

Short exercise - Exercise is less than 30 seconds, deduct 2.0 from the average score by the chief judge.

Group 1, 6, 7 and 8 rolls may be used to fulfill the compositional requirement of a forward or sideward and backward acrobatic element.

Acros Series Special Requirement - Clarification that the flight element may be from the Roll category (example: dive forward roll).


Connecting elements in an Acro Series: The landing leg or the free leg must be the take-off leg for the next element. If both feet land at the same time, the take-off must be a jump from two feet. During the step between the elements, the free leg must be no higher than 45 degrees or the series will be considered broken.

The time limit for the beam is a maximum of 1:30. A warning will be given on beam at 1:20. The overtime deduction is 0.1 from the average score. If the time is within a fraction of a second over the time allotment, do not take the time deduction.

Fall time is 30 seconds.


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