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Uneven Bars

Value Part Requirements: 4 "A's" @ 0.10 each, 4 "B's" @0.30 each, 0 "C" - Refer to the JO Code of Points for specific value part exceptions.

Basic Start Value - 9.7 points

Additive Value for Connection Value or allowable Difficulty Value = maximum 0.30 point. All "B", "C" and "D" elements including releases are allowed. Mounts are allowed.

NO "D"/"E" dismounts are allowed

Maximum start value = 10.0 points

Special Requirements (4 at 0.20 each) - Refer to the JOTH - Level 8 Requirements

    1. Bar Change;
    2. One "B" flight element (not the dismount) or one "B" element with a direction change (not the mount or dismount)
    3. A minimum of one "B" element from Groups 3,6 or 7 - same or different
    4. Minimum of "A" dismount (no dismount = 0.3 deduction taken from the start value)

The following skills may be used in OHSAA girls gymnastics competition only with no value part.

    1. Glide, single leg stoop through to stride support on low bar
    2. Single leg circle forward or backward (stride circle)
    3. Single leg basket swing with straight legs to finish in stride support or single leg rear lybing hang (catching high bar)
    4. Low bar pullover mount
    5. Stem rise (from hang on HB or rear lying hang to out front support on HB)
    6. Counterswing (in hang on HB) forward and back to stand or squat stand on low bar.
    7. Front support on low bar, underswing to stand; also with ½ turn or full turn (less than "A", may be considered a dismount) {-.20 for no "A", but not -.3- for having no dismount}
    8. Horizontal cast will be allowed for counting skills, but appropriate deductions will be taken.

There will be no casting deductions for back or front hip circles in the High School program. Any casts will still be subject to execution and body posture deductions.

There will be no cast angle deductions before dismounts.

OHSAA will use Level 8 angle deductions for handstands and casts.

  1. 0-20° = "B" value part, - .05 amplitude deduction
  2. 21-30° = No value part, - .10 amplitued deduction
  3. 31-45° = No value part, - .15 - .20 amplitued deduction
  4. 46° or less = No value part, -.25 - .30 amplitued deduction

All clear hips will be awarded at least "B" value if their hips remain away from the bar the entire circle. Any clear hip ending at horizontal or below will receive ""B" value part and a 0.2 amplitude deduction if the body is at horizontal or lower. Execution errors still apply. The angle shall be evaluated after the wrist shift.

Short Exercise - If a gymnast performs less than five value parts including counting skills and does not continue, a deduction of 2.0 shall be taken from the average score by the chief judge - See JO Code of Points.

All composition deductions will be applied during the competition season.

There is no deduction for rountines that do not show balance between pirouettes and flight.

Choice of elements up to 0.25

  • Failure to perform forward and backward circles and releases - 0.05
  • Lack of variety in elements and connections - up to 0.1
  • Choice of elements not up to competitive level (OHSAA) - up to 0.1

Touch warm-up on bars -
The touch warm-up time for Bars is 30 seconds per gymnast. The setting of the bars will NOT be included in the touch warm-up time.

Fall Time -
The fall time for Bars has been changed to 45 seconds per gymnast.

Bars Matting:6'x24'x4-4¾" (recommend 9'x24'). Min of 12' from center to front & rear, may be adjusted up to 4' fwd or bwd for dsmts.


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